7 Oct 2014

Vanuatu PM urged not to interfere in mutiny case

9:10 pm on 7 October 2014

Complainants in an alleged mutiny court case involving senior officers within the Vanuatu Police have urged the Prime Minister not to interfere.

A senior police officer says a letter last month from Joe Natuman to the acting commissioner of police, Aru Maralau is clear interference in the case.

The Prime Minister reportedly instructed him to stop investigations into the alleged mutiny case known as Police Commissioner vs Joshua Bong.

The case centres around attempts by some senior police officers to arrest the acting commissioner of the police Lt Col Arthur Caulton in October 2012.

Mr Caulton, who had earlier replaced Joshua Bong as police commissioner, is currently suspended as commissioner.

Joe Natuman reportedly encouraged Mr Marulau to drop the investigation in order to allow the process of unifying the fractured force to take its course.

The officer says 10 complainants have registered in the case, including police officers and government officials.