25 Nov 2014

Sport: Players want to contribute to future of Samoan rugby

3:30 pm on 25 November 2014

The Players' Association says the Manu Samoa squad want to step up and contribute to the future of rugby in their country but don't feel a partnership between the players and the SRU currently exists.

Last month a group of senior players raised concerns regarding the governance and management of the SRU and threatened to boycott last weekend's test against England.

The strike was averted following intervention from World Rugby and the Players Association, who are still trying to arrange a meeting with a representative from the SRU.

The International Rugby Players' Association's Executive Director Rob Nicol says the Samoan internationals have a lot of rugby knowledge and expertise to offer if given the chance.

"It's a two-way thing. This is about the players stepping up, being organised and say we want to be a legitimate and a respected part of the rugby because we believe 1) we've got a lot to offer and 2) we believe we can be a whole lot better than we are. There's a whole lot of people around the world that want to see Samoan rugby strong and want to see it functioning well, and they will lend all their ideas and initiatives, but at the end of the day the model has to come from the Samoan players and the Samoan Rugby Union".

Rob Nicol says they hope to be able to begin talks with the SRU in the coming days.