25 Nov 2014

Last day for campaigning in Tonga today

3:30 pm on 25 November 2014

An activist working with Tonga's Democrats says this year's election is one of the calmest in memory.

The country goes to the polls on Thursday with campaigning to stop at 9 am on Wednesday.

There are 105 candidates after two disqualifications in the past week - one on the residency clause and the other for being a late nomination.

Publisher Kalafi Moala says he has observed 8 elections in Tonga and the lead up to this poll is among the most peaceful he has experienced.

He is predicting the Tongatapu No 3 seat relinquished by Sitiveni Halapua to be the most hotly contested.

"That is where a long experienced politician like Clive Edwards is running from. There is a businessman who owns the domestic airline is running from, a young man - government CEO is running from. Mele Amanaki, who is a woman activist. So I would say probably of all the seats, in all of Tonga, Tongatapu No 3 is the hottest contested one."

Kalafi Moala.