25 Nov 2014

Vanuatu govt defends suspension call

3:30 pm on 25 November 2014

Vanuatu's Parliament is later this afternoon expected to debate a motion to suspend the leader of the opposition, Moana Carcasses and 15 of his MPs.

Prime minister Joe Natuman lodged a motion last week alleging the opposition MPs had contravened the Leadership Code in accepting a monetary offer from Mr Carcasses.

Vanuatu Broadcasting and Television Corporation reports Mr Natuman calling it bribery, saying it had caused too much government instability, costing the country dearly.

He says the government will not only be pushing for the MPs to be suspended until the end of the first ordinary session in 2015 but for the police to investigate.

Based on the first day of the session, yesterday, the government appears to easily have the numbers to effect the suspension.

The Opposition, meanwhile, is pushing to have a motion of no confidence in Mr Natuman, but it cannot be heard before Thursday.