19 Nov 2014

Fiji preparing ILO response

10:12 am on 19 November 2014

Fiji's employment minister, Jioji Konrote, says he appreciates the International Labour Organisation has given Fiji until March to review the policies imposed by the military-backed regime.

Fiji unions turned to the ILO, asking it to investigate claims workers' rights are being violated and trade unionists intimidated in breach of international labour conventions the country has signed up to.

Last month, an ILO mission to Suva said Fiji needed to take rapid action around rights to freedom of association and collective bargaining.

Mr Konrote has told the ILO in Geneva that the government is formulating a process for the consideration of the recommendations.

An ILO delegate said after the talks in Fiji that the government, employers and trade unions all agreed there was a need for a coherent national approach on a tripartite basis.