18 Nov 2014

Solomons Police in ramp up election operations

9:48 pm on 18 November 2014

The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force has deployed 180 officers to the provinces and is out in force in the capital Honiara ahead of polling elections in the country tomorrow.

Thousands of political supporters have taken to the streets in vehicles, on bicycles and on foot madly waving coloured banners and proudly displaying political symbols and banners of their preferred candidate.

The Solomon Islands Police Commissioner, Frank Prendergast, says elections are always a jubilant time and the force is simply keeping a watchful eye to ensure the final surge of campaigning is done peacefully.

"This is an extremely important election for the country the RSIPF is committed to ensuring that everyone gets to vote freely and fairly. And we are also committed to ensure the process occurs peacefully. I think a good, free, fair peaceful election will set a good spring board for the future of the country and we are certainly committed to ensure we do our part to make sure that happens."

After the elections Police units will return to the capital to police the even more electric government forming period.