17 Nov 2014

Vanuatu Govt seeks budget of more than US$166m

12:07 pm on 17 November 2014

The Vanuatu government will seek approval this week to table a budget of more than 17 billion vatu, or US$166 million.

It will be one of 21 government bills that are expected to be debated during the parlimentary session, which begins today.

Another key item to be decided is an increase in allocations for MPs.

Currently each MP gets just under US$10,000 a year and the proposal is to double this.

Our correspondent reports MPs have complained they are yet to receive copies of the various bills to be debated.

The opposition says it is important for the 52 MPs to get the bills in plenty of time, especially the appropriation bill so they know how government will pay for services in the coming year.