7 Nov 2014

Amata thanks American Samoa voters

10:17 am on 7 November 2014

American Samoa's Congresswoman-elect Aumua Amata has welcomed the offer of support from Congressman Faleomavaega Eni Hunkin as she takes over the office which Faleomavaega has occupied for almost 30 years.

She says she met Faleomavaega on Wednesday and he has offered his assistance.

The new delegate for American Samoa in Congress extended her appreciation to Faleomavaega for all his years of service.

Aumua Amata has been a candidate in the congressional race since 1994.

She also expressed her appreciation to the voters of American Samoa and to her campaign committee for her success at the polls.

"I didn't really expect it would happen it seemed like it would take a miracle, on the other hand we did work very hard, we had a very good organisation, and people who have stayed with us for all these years."

Our correspondent, Monica Miller, says some loyal supporters of Congressman Faleomavaega have said that they didn't support him in this election because of his health.

Faleomavaega revealed in September that he was suffering from heart and kidney conditions due to exposure to Agent orange when he served in the Vietnam war.