6 Nov 2014

Solomon Islanders consulted on police gun plan

8:27 pm on 6 November 2014

People in Solomon Islands want assurances police who are to have access to guns are well trained and that there are secure armouries for the weapons.

Community consultations are being run by the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force, the Ministry of Police, National Security and Correctional Services, and the Regional Assistance Mission, or RAMSI, on the limited re-arming.

Under new laws passed by Parliament the limited rearmament will only include members of the Police Response Team, the Close Personal Protection Unit, and the police providing security at Henderson International Airport

At a meeting in Burns Creek in Honiara this week, RAMSI said there was unanimous support with the community saying some Solomons Islands police need access to guns as a matter of national sovereignty and to ensure border security.

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But speakers also made the point that while there is a perceived surge in crime, guns are not the solution.

People also said it is vital the police undergo best practice training in the use of firearms and that the weapons are securely controlled.