6 Nov 2014

Republicans gain in CNMI Senate

4:11 pm on 6 November 2014

The Republicans in the Northern Marianas have had a near sweep of the Senate while independents now rule the territory's House of Representatives.

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Photo: RNZI Mark Rabago

With still one seat in the Senate undecided, the CNMI Republican Party secured five of the six senatorial seats up for grabs in Tuesday's general elections.

According to the Commonwealth Election Commission's unofficial results, one seat still up in the air after Republican Oscar Babauta and independent Justo Quitugua puzzlingly both got zero votes in Kagman.

In the House, 13 of the 20 incoming representatives are independent candidates, with the remaining seven being Republicans.

Meanwhile, Gregorio Kilili Sablan has won a fourth term as the CNMI's non-voting delegate to US House of Representatives, beating the Democratic Party's Andrew Salas by more than 4,000 votes.

Mr Sablan is the first and only person to have represented the Northern Marianas in the US Congress.