5 Nov 2014

Local extortionists may be behind Chinese killings on Saipan

9:14 am on 5 November 2014

The Chinese community in the Northern Marianas says local extortionists may be behind the killings of Chinese nationals on Saipan.

Two farmers bodies were found on Sunday morning next to an airport runway and the police say there are visible signs of foul play.

It is the third double homicide involving Chinese nationals on Saipan in less than two years.

Family members and friends of the two killed say a group of six local men that's been extorting money from Chinese farmers may be involved in the murders.

They also disclosed that the throats of both victims, Hai Ren Li and Cheng You Li, had been slit and that their bodies were found covered with mango leaves.

Over 150 Chinese farmers and business owners took part in a convoy yesterday to express their anger and frustration over the latest killings and other unsolved homicides involving Chinese nationals on Saipan.

Last February, the bodies of Guo Huang Xu and Qing Xiu Zheng were found in their house which had been burnt to the ground.

In December 2012, couple Jun Li Yang and Jing Liu were found murdered inside their home in San Vicente.