3 Nov 2014

Norfolk Assembly fears fate sealed by Canberra

7:29 pm on 3 November 2014

The Norfolk Island Assembly says it believes its days of autonomy may already be over.

This comes after a delegation led by Chief Minister, Lisle Snell, presented a petition in Canberra calling for wider consultations on Norfolk's future governance.

The petition was in response to recommendations made by a federal parliamentary committee to reduce its government to that of a shire council.

Mr Snell says the delegation was well received but he feels the island's future has already been decided.

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"We are hoping that it hasn't but the general feeling is that, you know, it's probably going to pass through the Cabinet. But it may not we are trying to hopefully, sway cabinet members, that it will not pass through"

Lisle Snell says they are expecting a decision in a matter of weeks.