3 Nov 2014

Tuvalu expands climate resistant crops

12:21 pm on 3 November 2014

Tuvalu's Director of Agriculture says the country is very grateful to the European Union for providing funding to improve climate resistant crop production.

Itaia Lausaveve says there's been a good reception to workshops which teach farmers about agroforestry systems where root crops are planted in an integrated way with fruit trees.

He says Tuvalu farmers will be expanding their planting of drought and saline-resistant crops.

"To build our resilience against the effects of climate change by, you know, expanding food production or improving our food security, looking at under utilised land. We have a lot of land that people aren't cultivating and this is where we want to focus."

Tuvalu's Director of Agriculture, Itaia Lausaveve.

A Tuvalu beach being eroded by a storm.

A Tuvalu beach being eroded by a storm. Photo: SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY