1 Nov 2014

Nauru government condemns attacks on young refugees

11:25 am on 1 November 2014

The Nauru government has condemned an attack on young refugees, saying it will not tolerate any such violence.

An Afghan teenager says he and three other young refugees were attacked by four locals last weekend, and he was beaten so badly he ended up in hospital.

Nauru's Minister for Justice and Border Control, David Adeang, says the attacks were racist, opportunistic and fuelled by alcohol.

Mr Adeang says this has brought shame to the country and he's determined those responsible will be brought to justice.

He says refugees on Nauru have fled violence and fear, and should be able to find safety on Nauru, where they are guests in the country.

Mr Adeang says he is determined to ensure unaccompanied children in his care, and all refugees on Nauru feel safe and welcome.

The police, the Government of Nauru Settlement Team and Community Liaison Officers are to work together to ensure that such incidents do not happen again.