27 Oct 2014

Domestic violence complaints jump in Marshalls

5:15 pm on 27 October 2014

There's been a sudden increase in the number of restraining orders that have been issued against men in the Marshall Islands.

The nine complaints of domestic violence filed by women in the High Court this year far exceeds the two complaints filed over the previous three years.

Six of those nine have been filed over the past two months.

Our correspondent Giff Johnson says it appears the increase has been fuelled by greater awareness since a law was passed two years ago, and a proactive family violence unit in the police.

"And the fact that the High Court acts really quickly on these, and takes almost immediate action by holding hearings very quickly so I think women are seeing that they are able to get a result from doing it."

Giff Johnson says a "no drop" policy in the recently adopted anti-domestic violence law means police are still required to pursue a case even if a complainant wants to dismiss it.