27 Oct 2014

Norfolk Island petitions Canberra

3:14 pm on 27 October 2014

Two public petitions, signed by most of the adult residents on Norfolk Island, will be presented to the Australian House of Representatives and its Senate tomorrow.

The petitions, which call for more consultation on the future governance arrangments for the island, follow a recommendation from Canberra that 35 years of autonomy be repealed.

The federal Government wants the island to have a local council type administration.

Norfolk's Chief Minister, Lisle Snell, is leading the delegation to Canberra, and says they are fighting to keep the right to self determination.

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"The petitions request that the two Houses of Parliament before voting on any bill to change governance arrangements for Norfolk Island established by the Norfolk Island Act 1979 of the Commonwealth, that the residents of Norfolk Island have the right to be provided the facts and consulted at referendum or plebiscite and have a democratic say on the future model of governance for Norfolk Island before any proposed changes are voted on by the Australian Parliament."

Norfolk Chief Minister, Lisle Snell.