24 Oct 2014

Airline eyes American Samoa's Manu'a service

8:27 am on 24 October 2014

The principals of a new airline planning to offer flights from American Samoa's Tutuila to Manu'a, have met with the Governor, Lolo Moliga, in Honolulu.

The company, called Tausani, is promising reliability and has pointed out the unstable situation with Inter Island Air's Dornier plane being grounded since June and needing an engine overhaul.

Manu'a Air, which was given a lease on the government aircraft Segaula last year has never got its service off the ground.

While since September, neighbouring Samoa's Polynesian Airlines has been flying three times a week to Manu'a under a temporary cabotage waiver from the US Department of Transportation.

The airline applied for a three month waiver but the Department has granted only monthly approvals.