23 Oct 2014

Cooks minister denies bribing Mitiaro voters

3:30 pm on 23 October 2014

The Cook Islands Finance Minister denies development plans for Mitiaro are bribing voters in the upcoming by-election.

Mark Brown says the government is mindful of a litigious opposition with the by-election set to be held on November the 11th.

He says there have been plans for a roundtable donor meeting on the island in February since last year's meeting on Atiu and should not be construed as the government trying to influence votes.

He also says essential work on Mitiaro's rundown airport has previously been supported by the opposition.

"That's underway, I think the machinery's heading there now. But that's more a case of having to do something on the airport otherwise the airport will close and there won't be any flights. So that's not really being categorised as a bribe to influence voters because we did also go and see the opposition."