22 Oct 2014

Australian parliamentary committee welcomes Norfolk petition

4:43 pm on 22 October 2014

A key Australian parliamentarian says he welcomes any petition from Norfolk Islanders against Canberra's recommendation to repeal the island's self-governance.

Luke Simpkins, who chairs the Committee on the National Capital and External Territories, was responding to the Norfolk government's plan for a public petition against the planned end of its autonomy

The petition is expected to be brought before Australia's parliament next week.

Mr Simpkins says a consultation visit to the island showed many Norfolk Islanders support an end to self-governance.

"The government and the minister have not yet made a decision on the report. And sure you know, people want to put their name on the petition, and they are not being forced to do it, that's fine. And they should consult with the Adminstrator on the island and put in a submission via the departments website, you know, everyone should have their say."

Luke Simpkins says once Norfolk Island becomes an Australian territory, it should enjoy the same standard of living as the mainland, which he says is not the case today.

Norfolk Island Flag

Norfolk Island Flag Photo: None