21 Oct 2014

Niue's High Commission warns country stands to lose its art

5:14 pm on 21 October 2014

Niue's High Commissioner to New Zealand says she fears her country's unique arts and crafts traditions will die out unless something is done.

O'Love Jacobsen's comments follow the visit of six Niuean artists to New Zealand this month as part of a Creative New Zealand exchange programme.

The commissioner says Niuean craft is unique within the Pacific and only Niueans can uphold their traditions and pass them onto the younger generations.

"It has got to come from the Niueans themselves and if we are not desirous to hold onto it then I suppose someone else will own it so the choice is ours: we hold onto it and keep it or leave it open for other people to make a fortune out of it."

Niue's High Commissioner to New Zealand, O'Love Jacobsen, says she also holds fears for the future of the Niuean language.

Niue marked its 40th Constitution Day anniversary on Sunday.

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