20 Oct 2014

Hawaii has highest rate of homelessness in America

9:24 am on 20 October 2014

A report shows Hawaii has the highest levels of homelessness in the United States.

The 2014 State of Homelessness in America report shows Hawaii has 465 homeless people per 100,000 followed by New York with 399 and California with 367.

But an activist with the Ho'opae Pono Peace Project, Laulani Teale, says the figures are misleading and the situation on the ground is much worse.

She says the Government has passed laws that allow businesses to physically remove homeless people who are seen as bad for the state's promoted tourism image.

"Well basically the disenfranchisement and displacement of the people, has been the price for all of that. For the luxury beaches, for the tourist attractions, for the, you know, Disneyland playground, all of that."

Hawaii activist Laulani Teale