20 Oct 2014

Ebola protection supplies arriving in Pacific

9:24 am on 20 October 2014

The World Health Organisation says it is working with Pacific governments to distribute Ebola protection gear around the region.

The head of the WHO in Vanuatu, Jacob Kool, says Pacific health sectors must be more prepared for the possibility the virus will reach the region.

Dr Kool says that includes having more supplies.

"Our regional office in Manila will be able to ship some small supplies of these protective suits and equipment and masks and goggles. Because most of the countries don't have enough and I think a lot of them will be ordering some stock by themselves, but at least this is a start for them."

Jacob Kool says the WHO is also working on setting up training courses for health professionals to prepare them for dealing with Ebola patients.

He says an infection control specialist will run a course in Vanuatu next month.

nurse sprayed with chlorine

Photo: NZ Red Cross