17 Oct 2014

Norfolk pleas to be consulted on Canberra reforms

7:37 am on 17 October 2014

Norfolk Island says it must be consulted on Australian Government plans to cut the legislative powers of the island's government.

Norfolk, which was until recent years, financially independent and had a great degree of autonomy, says Canberra intends removing its right to govern key social services.

It has done this since the passage of the Norfolk Island Act in 1979 and Chief Minister, Lisle Snell, says the changes would make it a town council.

He says islanders have suggested their own changes and believe this model of government would cost less to run than Canberra's version.

"If they are considering a model the details should be presented to us before it is given to the Cabinet in Australia and that a full costing of our preferred model of government - and we have submitted one - the Norfolk Island preferred model should be costed out and of course the Norfolk Island community to have a say through a referendum."

Norfolk Island's Chief Minister, Lisle Snell.