16 Oct 2014

Young on Niue looking for more self reliance

5:09 pm on 16 October 2014

As Niue counts down to its 40th anniversary of independence there are signs islanders are looking to become less reliant on former colonial power, New Zealand.

Niue is independent in free association with New Zealand and aid from New Zealand has been vital for the economy.

A former politician and Niue's first high commissioner to New Zealand, Hima Douglas, says right from the start it was made clear New Zealand would never abandon Niue.

He says this may have fostered an over-dependence and a different approach from the beginning might have been better.

"We may have been forced to become a little less reliant on aid from New Zealand. Younger people now are beginning to realise that and I think they have taken on board that we have got to try and help ourselves first. And perhaps we may not be able to do it but at least let's give it a good go."