16 Oct 2014

American Samoa looks to restore cable car

9:24 am on 16 October 2014

American Samoa's governor, Lolo Matalasi Moliga, has given the go ahead to look into restoring the cable car to Mount Alava.

The cable car was one of the territory's top tourist attractions in the 1970's.

The cable car line had been severed when a military plane carrying parachuters doing an exhibition for Flag Day in 1980, crashed.

Although later restored, it was no longer fucntioning by the late 1980's.

The director of Commerce, Keniseli Lafaele, says the task force is looking at the feasibility of restoring the cable car, having a zipline, or both.

He says they are looking into all sources of funding, including foreign direct investors.

For now the task force, with the help of the village of Utulei, will be cleaning the area, painting the cable car structures, and trimming the brushes and trees blocking the panoramic view of the harbor.