15 Oct 2014

Samoa village council punishes cattle thief

8:21 pm on 15 October 2014

The village council of Pu'apu'a in Samoa has punished a former doctor for stealing cattle belonging to a family in the village.

Le Mamea Emosi Puni, who has a cattle farm on Savaii, was found guilty of killing a bull and a cow belonging to a family at Pu'apu'a village in February this year.

The village had ordered Puni to provide 100 sows to the council after he was found guilty.

But last Friday Puni gifted the village two cattle, 50 cartons of tinned fish and a fine mat, instead of the 100 pigs.

He also apologised to the complainant and made a voluntary payment of 1,000 US dollars as well as gifting them two cattle.

The penalty will be taken into consideration by Chief Justice, Patu Falefatu Sapolu, who will sentence Puni tomorrow.