15 Oct 2014

Fiji to export cross-bred sheep to Samoa

7:49 am on 15 October 2014

100 sheep cross-bred in Fiji have been exported to Samoa to assist with food security and develop its agricultural sector.

The Fiji Fantastic sheep, bred at a privately-owned sheep centre in Vanua Levu, are the first batch to be exported since the centre was set up six years ago.

The Ministry of Agriculture's director for animal health and production, Tomasi Tunabuna, says the sheep will be used to bolster food security and be used as breeding stock in Samoa.

"It's very suitable for the climate that we have here in the tropics especially the small island countries. They forage on very low quality feed and most of the time less supplement is required to maintain their production, also for breeding purposes."

Tomasi Tunabuna says it plans to assist more Pacific Islands in the supply of breeding stock in the future.