8 Oct 2014

37 sign integrity pledge for Solomons poll

4:56 pm on 8 October 2014

37 intending election candidates in Solomon Islands have signed an integrity pledge championed by Transparency Solomon Islands.

The pledge commits leaders to abide by the law, disclose business and financial interests and account for use of constituency funds.

It is also supported by other civil society organisations like the Forum Solomon Islands International, the Development Services Exchange and Youth at Work.

Executive Officer of Transparency Solomon Islands, Daniel Fenua says those who have signed represent only two of the 10 political parties that will contest the elections along with a couple of independents.

"We are hoping that we will be, you know receiving more than 50 candidates who will be actually signed up for the pledge. Which is really a good number and we hope that, you know, whoever, whoever is out there that will be contesting the election we sort of encourage him or her to come forward and sign up the pledge."

TSI's Daniel Fenua.

Solomon Islands will go to the polls on the 19th of November.