7 Oct 2014

Alleged Fiji assault case goes to Minister

8:16 am on 7 October 2014

Fiji's police chief has reported the case of a Fijian songwriter, allegedly assaulted by the military, to the Minister for Defence, National Security and Immigration.

Fiji Live reports the Commissioner of Police, Ben Groenewald, says he will wait for instructions from the minister before making any further comments on the case.

Amnesty International said it had credible information four soldiers beat the songwriter, Joseva Bilitaki, who was involved in an exchange of texts over the use of his songs by the FijiFirst party of Frank Bainimarama during campaigning for the elections.

But the Commissioner later said allegations of assault were void of all truth.

He also said the interference of military personnel in policing issues is unacceptable and would be discussed with the relevant authority