2 Oct 2014

Fiji police chief scotches assault allegations

1:53 pm on 2 October 2014

The police in Fiji have scotched allegations of assault in the case of a man allegedly beaten by soldiers in Fiji's military.

This comes after Amnesty International claimed it had credible information four soldiers beat a songwriter who sent angry text messages to the Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama.

Sally Round reports.

Amnesty says there was an angry exchange of texts over allegations the man's songs were used in the election campaign without permission. Fiji's Police Commissioner Ben Groenewald says he is aware of the case of Joseva Bilitaki but the allegation of assault against him is void of all truth. The Commissioner says Mr Bilitaki was arrested about half past ten last Friday evening and detained on annoyance charges. He says Mr Bilitaki was taken to hospital the next day after falling ill and he received treatment for high blood pressure. The Commissioner says the case is being investigated and he urged people not to jump to conclusions about what they read on social media. He also said the interference of military personnel in policing issues is unacceptable and will be discussed with the relevant authority.