2 Oct 2014

WWII wrecks threat to Pacific

8:04 am on 2 October 2014

Some of the thousands wrecks scattered throughout the Pacific from the second world war are believed to have started leaking oil into the ocean.

The issue was raised earlier this week at the Pacific Environment Forum held in Majuro, the capital of the Marshall Islands.

The Director of Environment and Emergency Management for the Federated States of Micronesia, Andrew Yatilman, says the issue is particularly urgent for FSM because six of the sixty Japanese wrecks in his country are already leaking oil.

He says assistance is needed for crucial assessments of the wrecks and for measures to be taken to deal with dangerous wrecks.

"There are over 3000 some, you know, wrecks in the region and so that is quite a lot of wrecks for the Pacific to deal with. So together we are united in our effort to, to look to donor countries, partners to help us address the situation."

FSM Director of Environment Andrew Yatilman.

Old World War II mine in Kiribati

Old World War II mine in Kiribati Photo: The Dive Centre Pty Ltd Fiji