1 Oct 2014

Tongan officials resign over communication issues

3:10 pm on 1 October 2014

One of the four commissioners who resigned from the Public Service Commission in Tonga, says they did so because of a communication breakdown with the Prime Minister's office.

Tonga's acting prime minister, Samiu Vaipulu, last week refused to accept their resignations.

Leilani Momoisea reports.

"The Commission advises the government on the management and performance of the public service. One of the commissioners, Finau Tutone, says there was miscommunication over the position of chairperson. He says cabinet wanted them to re-advertise the position in May, but they did not receive a letter informing them of this, until two months later. He says the government felt they were not following instructions, and they felt the government no longer trusted them to do the work, so they resigned. Mr Tutone says they will continue in their roles as commissioners, and will go ahead and re-advertise the chairperson position."