29 Sep 2014

Fiji vote for Bainimarama "mostly out of fear"

5:16 pm on 29 September 2014

An independent candidate who failed to win a seat in Fiji's parliament says fear and insecurity led to Frank Bainimarama's victory in the election two weeks ago.

Roshika Deo and her "Be the Change Campaign" targeted young people through social media.

She says her scrutineers saw many irregularities on election day but she doesn't believe they were enough to sway the vote away from the Prime Minister and his FijiFirst party.

Roshika Deo

Roshika Deo Photo: AFP

"A lot of people reacted to the "Islamophobia", the racism that was becoming evident all over social media and over the newspapers, so people didn't really vote for representation. They voted mostly out of fear and insecurity and those things are real."

Roshika Deo says irregularities included inconsistent behaviour by polling station officials and duplicate ballot papers and she says many of her overseas supporters did not receive their postal ballot papers in time to vote.