25 Sep 2014

Mitiaro by-election now in November

10:08 am on 25 September 2014

The Chief Electoral Officer in the Cook Islands says a by-election will be held on the island of Mitiaro in November.

Cook Islands news online says Taggy Tangimetua has received notice from the Chief Justice of the High Court to begin preparations for a by-election.

She says a date has not been set, but she will be consulting with the Ministry of Justice and the political parties on possible dates.

She added she expects to make an announcement on the matter this week.

According to a court document, the by-election must occur before the 18th of November.

The by-election announcement follows an election night tie between Tuakeu Tangatapoto of the Cook Islands Party and the island's previous Member of Parliament, Tangata Vavia.

That result was re-affirmed after the conclusion of a recount.

Last week, lawyer Tina Browne withdrew a petition filed by Tangata Vavia, prompting Chief Justice Tom Weston to toss out a counter-petition filed by Tuakeu Tangatapoto, paving the way for the by-election.

Mitiaro Island, Cook Islands

Mitiaro Island, Cook Islands Photo: Free google search image