23 Sep 2014

EU restrictions on Fiji could go soon

1:22 pm on 23 September 2014

The European Union's delegate to the Pacific says a return to full aid support for Fiji should happen within a few months following the country's first democratic elections in more than eight years.

The EU withdrew a substantial part of its aid support for Fiji after the coup in 2006 and extended it after Fiji reneged on a promise to return to democracy in 2009.

The coup leader, Frank Bainimarama, has now won an emphatic victory in what the EU's delegate Andrew Jacobs says appears to have been a very positive election process.

"We are looking forward already in the next few weeks to discussing with the government how we can best use future development assistance. We need to put in a report to our member states in Brussels about lifting the restrictions which are currently in place but I am confident that that will go ahead very, very soon now that the elections are out of the way."

Andrew Jacobs

Andrew Jacobs Photo: RNZI Sally Round