19 Sep 2014

Fiji parties present fraud claim evidence

9:15 pm on 19 September 2014

Five political parties in Fiji have presented evidence which they say back up their claims of irregularities in the country's landmark election.

The group which has been running in the polls against the FijiFirst party of Frank Bainimarama say the allegations are serious and warrant an investigation.

The parties have sent letters to Fiji's President, the Electoral Commission and the Supervisor of Elections.

Lynda Tabuya of the People's Democratic Party says the evidence includes photographs of unsecured ballot papers and a marked ballot paper found away from a polling station.

"Actually with unsecured ballot papers out in the open we are actually of the opinion that this is significant, The couple of occasions we have seen here that if this has happened around the country then it needs to be investigated, then it would be more than just bad organisation."

Ms Tabuya says they are still documenting more than fifty other cases such as a village being unable to vote because a polling booth was not set up.