19 Sep 2014

Petitions time consuming and expensive - Cook Islands Party

1:36 pm on 19 September 2014

The ruling Cook Islands Party says the petitions filed against it following July's election results have unnecessarily delayed government processes and cost the country money.

Of the nine petitions lodged against the party, which holds 13 seats in the 24-seat parliament, three have been withdrawn, five have been dismissed and one is pending.

The Finance Minister, Mark Brown, says the Democratic Party now wants to appeal against a number of the decisions, which will be an additional time-consuming and expensive process.

He says his party just wants to get on with the job.

"It's delaying a lot of the government process that we have in hand, such as the budget, it's delaying the approval of work projects the government would like to implement, and this is starting to cost the people in the country money. These delaying tactics that the opposition are using to try and again overthrow the decision that was made by the people during the elections."

Mark Brown says parliament will sit before October 9th, if some of the petitions are disputed in the Court of Appeal.