11 Sep 2014

NFP leader wants Fiji PM to clarify intimidation comment

12:30 pm on 11 September 2014

The leader of the National Federation Party says there is irony in the Fiji Prime Minister's speaking out against intimidation.

In a speech yesterday, Rear Admiral Bainimarama said the riots and looting of the 2000 coup will not happen on his watch and he will not tolerate a climate of intimidation and fear.

The NFP's Biman Prasad says Mr Bainmarama should clarify his statement.

"Mr Bainimarama should tell the people of this country who's responsible for the intimidation and fear in this country over the last seven and a half years. Mr Bainimarama should also answer to the people of this country, when he was the commander of the military forces in 2000 when Suva was being torched, when people were being terrorised in villages and settlements. Where was he then?"

The leader of the National Federation Party, Biman Prasad.