8 Sep 2014

Marshalls fish projects boosted with US cash

5:23 pm on 8 September 2014

A Marshall Islands fish farming pilot project will be expanded to historic levels after an injection of cash from the US government.

The Rongelap project has received 2 million dollars fron the Pacific American Climate Fund.

Mayor James Matayoshi says the farm is now looking to produce up to 5 thousand kilogrammes of the medium sized Pacific threadfin fish weekly, with the possible goal of 9 thousand kilogrammes.

He says the project means a lot for the people of the Marshalls.

"We're looking at employing close to 100 people. It means food security for our citizens. It means export markets, especially in Hawaii and Asia. We have distributors ready to purchase our produced, harvest size fish and Taiwan has been on standby to receive those containers."

A black lip pearl oyster farm on Namdrik Atoll has also received preliminary support for a 150-thousand dollar grant from the fund.

Marshall Islands

Marshall Islands Photo: RNZI