8 Sep 2014

Refugee advocate says opposition to off-shore centres growing

11:05 am on 8 September 2014

The Refugee Action Coalition in Australia says the death of another asylum seeker is fuelling growing opposition to detaining refugees in off-shore detention centres.

24 year-old Hamid Kehazaei was medivacced from Manus Island to Brisbane last week suffering from septicaemia.

He suffered a heart attack and was later declared brain dead.

Mr Kehazaei is the second person from Manus to die this year, in February Iranian asylum seeker Reza Barati was allegedly beaten to death by a group of guards.

The coalition's Ian Rintoul says its petition calling for the closure of the centre has now attracted over 86,000 signatures.

"It is an indication of the way in which first Reza Barati's death and now Hamid's death has really fuelled the concern in the Australian community. The petition is just one example of that. There have been vigils called to pay respects to Hamid and to call for the closure of Manus Island and there are more protests being planned."

Refugee Action Coalition's, Ian Rintoul.