29 Aug 2014

Tahiti and China strike aviation deal

3:27 pm on 29 August 2014

French Polynesia and China have signed an aviation agreement clearing the way for direct flights between Tahiti and China.

The deal was formalised in Papetee by the territory's president, Gaston Flosse, and Li Jiaxiang, who is China's civil aviation minister.

The agreement allows each side to nominate two carriers to fly between the Chinese airports of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong, and Tahiti.

It provides for 14 flights a week.

The agreement also allows carriers to pick up and drop passengers from and to other destinations.

This could allow Chinese carriers to fly passengers from Tahiti to the Americas.

The airlines likely to make use of the agreement are said to be Hainan Airlines and Southern China, although it is envisaged that in a first phase there will be charter flights only.

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Photo: Presidence Polynesie francaise