27 Aug 2014

Kiribati's urban plan to be developed

3:24 pm on 27 August 2014

Kiribati's urban plan will get an overhaul by a New Zealand volunteer who is helping the country address its sanitation and land development issues.

Rapid population growth has put pressure on the country's infrastructure with half of the country's 110,000 people living in and around the capital, Tarawa..

A resource planning advisor for Volunteer Services Abroad, Shifani Sood, says the current plan will be reviewed to help Kiribati deal with issues such as waste management.

"They've got a lot of imports that come in and the waste has absolutely nowhere to go and from what I understand the general practice is to just throw it into the lagoon and hope for it to go away."

Shifani Sood says i-Kiribati will be involved to ensure new plans match expectations.