26 Aug 2014

Sport: PNG AFL coach keen to stay on

11:05 am on 26 August 2014

Papua New Guinea AFL coach David Lake says he's keen to stick around and help the team's bid for back to back International Cup titles.

The Mosquitoes beat Ireland in a gripping final on Saturday at the MCG in Melbourne to win back the title they lost three years ago to the same opponent.

David Lake has been in charge of the team for their past two International Cup campaigns and says with a number of young players having come to the fore over the past fortnight he'd love to remain involved for the next tilt in 2017.

"I must say, the PNG people for me, they give me so much in terms of respect and opportunity and I sometimes think that they're teaching me about life as opposed to me teaching them about footy. It's a great combination, it's something that makes me feel good inside when I can help them and as long as they'll continue to have me I'll continue to want to do because I think it's one of the most fulfilling experiences I've had in footy and to be there on the [MC]G last night was very very special".

David Lake says South Africa showed massive improvements over the past fortnight and will be the team to watch in three years.