22 Aug 2014

Flosse awaits Tahiti appeal verdict

1:16 pm on 22 August 2014

The appeal court in French Polynesia has heard the president Gaston Flosse in his bid to get his sentence for corruption wiped so that he can stay in office.

Last month, Flosse was stripped of his political offices in a French supreme court ruling, but he remains in power because the French government has refused to serve him the verdict to make it official.

He has been heard in Tahiti this morning, with his lawyers arguing that applying the sentence would contradict the public's wish that he govern the territory as shown by his election success last year.

Reports from Tahiti say the appeal court will release its decision on September the 4th.

Public radio says that a request to be given a presidential pardon appears to have failed.

Reporters travelling with Francois Hollande in the Indian Ocean say he has made his decision but it won't be communicated just yet.