21 Aug 2014

New market rules in Samoa criticised

9:24 am on 21 August 2014

Many farmers in Samoa are calling on the Minister responsible for the newly opened Fugalei market to reconsider the new rules for the market.

The 5 million US dollar complex in the capital Apia was officially opened on Monday.

But since its opening, the market has stood mostly empty as farmers and small business operators are upset at some of the new market rules, including its hours of operation which are from 6 in the morning till 6 in the evening.

They are also angry that any goods they can not sell on the day will now have to be taken back home and brought back the next day.

Our correspondent says people complained that not all of them have transport and that it would be a costly operation.

Many farmers and business operators have now returned to using small privately owned markets in town.

A source says the government is looking at a solution.