19 Aug 2014

PNG's National Alliance re-emerges as political force

7:46 am on 19 August 2014

The head of Papua New Guinea's National Alliance says its growing number of MPs is testament to its experience in economic stewardship of the country.

Papua New Guinea.

Papua New Guinea. Photo: RNZI

Two MPs, Madang Governor Jim Kas and Huon Gulf MP Ross Seymour, this month left the opposition PNG Party to join the National Alliance in the Government coalition.

This brings the NA's number of MPs up to 13 in the 111-seat parliament, making it the second biggest party after the People's National Congress.

Patrick Pruaitch says as the ruling party in the two previous parliamentary terms, the NA laid the foundation for PNG's remarkable economic growth of recent times.

"In terms of getting the country moving ahead, National Alliance laid the foundation, particularly on the development and economic management of it, as National Alliance is in front and I think we have all the neccessary experience to now contribute in this current coalition government headed by Prime Minister Peter O'Neill."

A PNG National Alliance MP, Patrick Pruaitch.