18 Aug 2014

Domestic violence not taken seriously - Fiji Women's Crisis Centre

9:14 am on 18 August 2014

The Fiji Women's Crisis Centre says domestic violence complaints made by women are still not being taken seriously by the police.

Its coordinator, Shamima Ali, says there is complacency towards issuing and monitoring restraining orders, and perpetrators are continuing their abuse without being taken to task.

She says the Centre has run a series of gender-based violence awareness workshops with the police, but a lot more needs to be done.

"When women do complain, the police are not wanting to take down her statement. They are not wanting to give out the domestic violence restraining orders, which the legislation demands, that a form should be at every police station. Women are being turned away from police stations and being told that they might be charged for giving false information against their husbands."

Shamima Ali says the Fiji Women's Crisis Centre has taken its concerns to the new police commissioner, Ben Groenewald, who she says has been very receptive.