18 Aug 2014

Call for more climate action in Pacific

7:46 am on 18 August 2014

A professor of sustainable energy in New Zealand says the Pacific needs to do more to reduce its carbon emissions, particularly in the transport sector.

The director of Massey University's Centre for Energy Research, Ralph Sims, says greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise worldwide with no sign of slowing down.

Professor Sims says many Pacific transport systems use old buses and boats, and are too reliant on fossil fuels.

"Most of these islands depend on the marine activities and the small boating, not only for fishing, those boats are highly dependent on imported fossil fuels. That's an area they could certainly benefit from if we could get some money for demonstrations to show how to reduce the fossil fuel dependence for their transport systems."

Professor Ralph Sims says more funding is needed to support climate adaptation measures, such as making buildings more resilient to cyclones, building more water storage facilites and improving road infrastructure to enourage more cyclists.