14 Aug 2014

Fiji assures Australian travellers Suva is safe

9:57 am on 14 August 2014

The Minister for Foreign Affairs in Fiji, Ratu Inoke Kubuabola, is assuring all Australian citizens intending to travel to Suva that there's no reason to worry about coming to the capital.

This assurance comes after the Australian Government upgraded its travel advisory, warning travellers to exercise a high degree of caution when visiting Suva.

Its Smarttraveller website warns of the prevalence of crime and potential for civil unrest in the capital and the need to pay close attention to personal security at all times.

Ratu Inoke has expressed his disappointment that the Australian Government had deemed it appropriate for the upgrading of the travel advisory.

He says while he understands it's the prerogative of the Australian Government to do so as a precautionary measure, it's not a true reflection of the situation on the ground.