13 Aug 2014

Flosse queries French role in his plight

2:04 pm on 13 August 2014

French Polynesia's president Gaston Flosse has questioned why he has been singled out in last year's conviction over the phantom job affair.

Mr Flosse made the comment on TNTV after France's highest court last month upheld his four-year suspended jail sentence and stripped him of all political offices for three years for running a vast network of fake employees to support his party.

The French government has not delivered the verdict and he remains in office, pending a possible presidential pardon by Francois Hollande.

Flosse says while he will accept whatever decision is reached, he wonders where all the French high commissioners are who approved the contracts now found to be illegal.

He says he also questions where the French treasury is as it was it who paid the salaries and not his admininstration.

The flags of French Polynesia, The EU and France

The flags of French Polynesia, The EU and France Photo: RNZI / Walter Zweifel